Steinway Library Of Piano Music: Jazz Piano — Pieces To Grow On

The Steinway Library of Piano Music presents Jazz Piano Pieces to Grow On, a collection of jazz pieces that has been created for teachers, students and pianists searching for music that explores various jazz piano styles, is enjoyable to play, and that can also serve as new and exciting recital and performance repertoire. The collection covers all of the various disciplines, harmonically and melodically, that go into jazz playing, thereby laying the groundwork for future improvisational explorations. The pieces range from ‘ease’ to ‘intermediate’ grade levels, and are so sequenced within the book. They have been meticulously edited and fingered for ease of learning and performance. Chord symbols have also been added to assist with harmonic analysis.

The jazz piano styles represented run the gamut from traditional jazz, stride, boogie-woogie,
ballads, the blues, bebop, to the modern idiom. All of the pieces contained (Sarah has 6 contributions) are original compositions by some of the truly stellar performers, composers and educators in the jazz piano world today. Some other contributors to this edition include: Bill Dobbins, Don Friedman, Dick Hyman, Andy LaVerne, Alan Simon, Stuart Isacoff and Ricardo Scivales.