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  1. The Unlearned Lesson (Cion)
  2. My Heart Stood Still (Wilder)
  3. Just A Simple Tune (Cion)
  4. Stay the Same (Cion)
  5. If I Love Again (Oakland & Murray)
  6. I’m Alone Again (Cion)
  7. So, What Do You Think (Cion)
  8. Ease It (Chambers)
  9. Body and Soul (Heyman, Green & Eyton)

Sarah Jane Cion- piano
Darryl Hall- bass
Willard Dyson- drums (1-4)
Tony Reedus- drums (5,6,8)
Antonio Hart- alto saxophone
George Petropoulos- trumpet
Victor See Yuen- percussion
Carolyn Leonhart- vocals