Sarah is a marvelous, marvelous, marvelous jazz piano player. She is young, talented, creative and imaginative. Watch out! —Clark Terry

Sarah Jane is an outstanding composer and pianist who plays with pure imagination and beautiful taste. —Monty Alexander

The music of Sarah Cion proclaims the arrival of a composer and pianist of the highest quality. —Renee Rosnes

Sarah Jane Cion is a new talent to be acknowledged. Sarah”s compositions will establish her as an important voice in the traditional jazz world. —Rachel Z

Sarah Jane Cion plays with a mature authority, and her compositions are both lyrical and strikingly original. —Larry Goldings

Sarah Jane Cion is one of the major young talents on piano today and she is destined to become one of the more recognized jazz pianists of her time. —Jay Leonhart

Indeed! is a very impressive debut recording-filled with first-rate playing, catchy arrangements and memorable compositions. —Fred Hersch

Without a doubt, Sarah Jane Cion is one of the strongest talents around. —Ron McClure

In her music, Sarah Jane Cion creates a rich aural tapestry. Her compositions and playing are evocative, much like compelling prose, resulting in beauty and soul. —Andy LaVerne

Sarah Jane Cion caresses the piano with sensitivity and love, and the colors she uses demonstrate her gift and vision. —McCoy Tyner

Sarah Jane Cion is a heavyweight. —Johnny Mandel

The music of Sarah Jane Cion is unapologetically pretty, It proceeds from her poetic vision, warm and elegiac, and her right hand takes us with her as it climbs. —Thomas Conrad, DOWNBEAT

Critical, radio and peer respect has established Cion as a premier jazz pianist. This young talent from New York exhibits a rare sense of melody and rhythm. —Ernie Rideout, KEYBOARD

As a young player in New York, Sarah Jane Cion worked for respect in the jazz community, and her efforts have been successful. —David Lych, JAZZ TIMES

Cion”s mature execution belies her youth. —Marcela Breton, JAZZ TIME

When no less an authority than McCoy Tyner says that pianist SARAH JANE CION “caresses the piano with sensitivity and love, and she also possesses a unique talent for composition,” you can be lieve the hype. —JAZZIZ Magazine

Amidst the pressures on musicians to focus solely on technical proficiency, it is refreshing to listen to a recording by Sarah Jane Cion. —Kevin Chan, HK Magazine, Japan

Clearly this is a pianist to watch out for in the years ahead. —Bruce Crowther, UK JAZZ JOURNAL

You don”t have to listen to pianist Sarah Jane Cion for long before words like “warm” and “elegant” come to mind. Her playing is so assured and consistent, and her compositions are as refined and mature as her playing. —John Frederick Moore, JAZZIZ Magazine

Sarah Jane Cion is one of the most poetic young pianists in jazz. —Nate Guidry, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Pianist Sarah Jane Cion is one of the most talented young American pianists to make the scene in years.—Ed Barna, Rutland Daily Herald

Sarah Jane Cion is poised on the brink of a huge career. —John Carter, Florida Times Union

Cion”s seriously talented, with great things to come, and this is the tip of the iceberg. —Michael Nastos,

Young pianist Sarah Jane Cion is possessed of a lyricism and harmonic sophistication. —Dave Dorkin, Fuse Magazine

Cion is one of the most talented young new American pianists to arrive in years. —Michael Baily,

Winning the Jazz Piano Competition has given Cion a “rising star” status. —Chet Williamson, Worcester Weekend Review

Pianist Sarah Jane Cion has made a habit of wowing audiences with her know how to the service of warm, expressive music. —Don DiIorio, Herald News

A blithe spirit animates her lines from within; her harmonies sparkle, her compositions smile. As pianist Sarah Jane Cion knows, plays the thing. —Neil Tesser, The Playboy Guide to Jazz

Sarah Jane Cion”s third release is another winner. Her sensitive stylings betray her classical background and a predilection for Bill Evans and Chick Corea. —John Henry, Audiophile Audition

Sarah is one of the brightest young pianists on the scene today. —D. Oscar Groomes, O”s Place Newslette

This lady has wit, taste, and inventiveness, and her compositions are notable for their freshness and viability serving as excellent vehicles for Ms. Cion”s probing, ever-inventive mind. Her improvisations reveal a fertile, witty, restless, imagination at work, one that is never at a loss for ideas, which rush forth with great speed, taste, and inventiveness. —Johnny Adams, The Monterey County Post

Sarah Jane Cion is consistent in the tremendously high level of her playing and composing. She is a pianist very much in the tradition of Bill Evans, Alan Broadbent, and Fred Hersch, with a bit of Erroll Garner and Kenny Barron thrown in. Her music is sumptuously melodic, cleverly harmonic, and intelligently lyrical. This is music of the highest caliber. —C. Michael Baily,

Cion is an ace jazz pianist in the luminously expressive, tuneful, tasty in a tasteful manner of Tommy Flanagan and Bill Evans. Summer Night is the kind of album that gives the term “nice” a good name again…very nice, indeed. —Mark Keresman, Waterfront Week

Cion”s no lightweight. Her compositions draw on deeply emotional experiences as on her latest recording, the quietly exuberant and lyrical Summer Night. —Bob Weinberg, City Link

There should be little surprise that Cion has earned her place in distinguished company. Summer Night expresses Cion”s sensitive and inventive approach to jazz piano in multiple ways. On an original composition such as the tumbling, free-like “Psychic Warrior,” her dizzying improvisations seem to challenge tonality, while her melody “The Safflower,” is built on chords that befit the Great American Songbook—with layered harmonies that suggest Bill Evans. —Drew Wheeler,

Thank you so much for your beautiful music. What an awesome performance team!\r\n\r\nI am fascinated by the delightful intricacy of your playing and the stream of colorful harmonies and rhythms in all the pieces. I started trying to do some work while listening to the songs and decided it”d be a sacrilege not to devote my full attention to the music, so I put off the other stuff.\r\n\r\nIt”s a whirlwind of joy and energy, like a B12 shot to the spirit.  I will be enjoying your music a lot. —Cesar Morales-fan